Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

ABS Renew Power provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for managing site-specific design, construction, commissioning, and the installation and tracking of data monitoring systems. Our solutions are applicable for Rooftop and Ground based systems.

Scope of work:

  • Engineering design and consultancy
  • Equipment supply
  • Civil planning and construction
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Training, Management and Hand-over

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ABS Renew Power- a Leading manufacturer in Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions an ISO 9001:2015 certified MNRE Channel Partner caters to a broad spectrum of customers as System Integrator for a wide range of Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solution systems in India.

With experience of executing Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solution projects ranging from few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts, we specialize in design and installation of Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Schools, Hospitals and government buildings.

ABS Renew Power has the necessary expertise to execute Utility Scale MW Solar Power plants, and has built a reputation for the quality products & timely services rendered for its commitment to ensure the Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions Installation is a successful viable investment for its clients.

ABS Renew Power provides both CAPEX & OPEX financing models in installation of Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions. CAPEX model is where the customer finances the plant and OPEX model is where we finance the plant for you.

We work with our team of architects, engineers and electricians to provide our customers a perfect Turnkey Solar EPC Solution as per their specific needs.

ABS Renew Power are specialists in renewable energy system design and are committed to Energy Independence.


  • Turnkey Solar EPC Design & Installation
  • Solar EPC Design of structure taking into account soil conditions & wind load
  • Optimum layout to reduce losses & cabling costs
  • Simulation of solar insolation data
  • O & M support including monitoring & performance enhancing through hot spot analysis.

Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions

Off-grid Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solutions with battery back-up

OFF-GRID Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solution with battery back-up


OFF-GRID Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solution Systems with battery backup are suited for installation in locations where there is no State Net-Metering Policy and the Grid is unreliable with frequent power cuts.

In these Solar Energy PV (Photovoltaic) Solution Systems, the Solar PCU inverts the DC Power from Solar to AC Power so the connected electrical appliances can work directly on solar, and any excess energy is stored in batteries for use during non-sunlight hours. When the generated Solar Energy is less than the connected load the Solar PCU will supply power to the connected load with energy generated by Solar PV Plant & Batteries. A When the batteries are discharged to their low level set point then the entire connected load is shifted to the grid and whatever available solar energy is stored in battery. When the batteries are recharged fully and the solar energy is still available, the connected load shifts back to Solar + Battery. A During non-sunlight hours the Load works on battery and after batteries are discharged the load shifts back to Grid and the next morning solar will start charging the batteries again.

ABS Renew Power offers the option of limiting or disabling the battery charging current using grid when load is working on Grid and Solar Energy is not available.

On- grid solar Photovoltaic solutions

ON- GRID Solar Energy Photovoltaic Solution System


ON-Grid Solar Energy Photovoltaic Solution Systems with battery backup are recommended for installation in locations where there is no Net-Metering Policy or the Gird is not reliable with frequent power cuts. In this case is the connected load can be powered by Solar, Solar + Battery, Solar + Grid or only Grid.

Solar Energy Photovoltaic installations without batteries are ideal where most of the consumption is during sunlight hours & the Grid is reliable. In these systems, the Solar PCU inverts the DC Power from Solar to AC Power so the connected electrical appliances can work directly on solar and when the Solar Energy generated is less than the connected load, energy will be drawn from Grid to supplement the shortfall & the entire is connected load is shifted to grid when Solar Energy is not available.

ABS Renew Power can offer a variant of the Grid Tied System with a controller to synchronize the Solar Plant with DG Set, so that during daytime the Solar Energy generated can be used by the client even during grid failure, normally when grid fails the Grid Tied Inverters disconnect the solar plant because any excess solar energy generated will go into the GRID which might have been possibly switched off for maintenance and someone attending the Grid problem could get electrocuted. This can be very useful to clients in places where Net Metering has started but the Grid is not reliable and power cuts are often during sunshine hours.

What is Net-Metered Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System ? How Does It Work ?

In a Net-Metered Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System, the system is connected with a Grid-Tied Solar Inverter.

When the Solar Energy generation is higher than the connected load, the excess Solar Energy is fed back to the System. During billing the DISCOM will offset the energy fed into the Grid (EXPORT)  against the energy consumed from the Grid (IMPORT).

If the Exported Energy is higher than Imported Energy then the charges payable to DISCOM will be NIL and excess energy is carried forward to the next billing cycle. At the end of the year the quantum of excess energy generated is given as Credit for the first billing Cycle of the next financial year or paid as per APP Price decide by the State Electricity Regulatory Authority.

ABS Renew Power is a leading manufacurer and supplier of Net-Metered Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System and highly experienced with regards to the Grid-Tied Solar Inverter.

Utility scale MW Scale Solar Plants are generally set up by Organizations/Individual who have won the bid to supply power to the State Grid or by those who have high power requirements for captive consumption or those who have entered into a PPA with a third party to buy power generated by them.

Under the prevailing policies MW Solar Plants can be setup anywhere in India and consumed by any organization anywhere in India. The Solar Plant Owner after obtaining Grid Connectivity and Open Access License can supply the power to their own industries or 3rd Party after paying the Wheeling Charges and other applicable charges to Distribution / Transmission Company.

ABS Renew Power is a leading enabler in setting up of Utility Scale MW Solar Plants Pan India and has made various options available for setting up of the same.

ABS Renew Power have following different A types of Solar PV Panel Mounting Solutions –

1.Fixed Tilt Ground Mounted Solar PV Panel
2.Seasonal Tile Ground Mounted Solar PV Panel
3.Fixed Tilt Rooftop Mounted Solar PV Panel
4.Single Axis Tracking System Solar PV Panel
5.Seasonal Tilt Rooftop Mounted Solar PV Panel
6.Double Axis Tracking System Solar PV Panel
7.Customized Elevated Mounting Structures Solar PV Panel

ABS Renew Power offers Hot Dip Galvanized or Extruded Aluminum Solar PV Panel Mounting Solutions with SS-304 Fasteners with a warranty of 10 years for the Mounting Structures. The Mounting Solutions is designed taking into account the clients power requirements and available installation space and other considerations.

ABS Renew Power is the undisputed leader in providing Solar Energy PV Solutions.