Solar water pump solutions provided by ABS Renew Power
Existing 3 Phase Submersible Solar Water Pumps 

Solar Water Pump Features:

  • High Performance Certified Multi Crystalline PV Panels for Solar Water Pumps
  • Integration of Solar Water Pump with your Surface Pumps
  • Solar Water Pumps from 1HP to 15HP
  • Qualified and Motivated team of Professionals to design & install Solar ‘Water Pumps
  • Solar Water Pump VFD with MEPT Features
  • Run your Solar Water Pumps on Solar & Grid
Head ABS Solar Water Pump VFD works with full efficiency with vertical Heads up to 350M and Horizontal distance of above 6000M
Pump suitability ABS Solar Water Pump VFD works with any brand Old or New 3 Phase Submersible or Surface Pumping System
Pump  Voltage ABS VFD is Programmable for any type of 440V/230V AC,3 Phase Solar Water Pumps
Universal range / Up-Grading Universal range of solar water pump capacity i.e. a 5 HP controller can be used from 0.5 HP to 5 HP. Unit can be upgraded by increasing PV Panels
Input voltage range Solar water pumps have very wide range of input working voltage from 150 v-1000 v DC
Panel combination ABS Solar Water Pump VFD works well with any combination of PV module as it has got very wide range of voltage range suitability
Minimum Panel requirement With Just 1000W PV Panels / HP – Pumps water from 350 Mts ahead
Special features (Unique with ABS Solar VFD) The Solar Water Pump can be run with even 200W PV Panels per HP at a lower head of 10 mts. A Swimming Pool pump of 5HP can be operated with just 2500W PV Panels
Inbuilt boost voltage(Unique with ABS Solar VFD) ABS Solar Water Pump VFD System, boosts its input voltage to 2X, 4X, 8X level to keep the voltage range to a maximum and extracts full efficiency
Pumping parallel combination(Unique with ABS Solar VFD) 2 Solar Water  Pumps of same capacity with almost same physical condition can be run with single VFD
Pumping under Cloudy Conditions Pumps well, during cloudy weather and also Solar Water Pump never stops when cloud crosses the sun
Smart Current limiting Solar Water Pump system has got current limiting factors where by neglects the excess current and allow the system to run consistently even at any high lux level of sun light
User friendly Solar Water Pump has very easy operation modes, even a farmer can handle the system
Service facility Since we are the manufacturer Solar Water Pump VFD we can handle the service by component level where by with a minimum or no cost the system can be made worthy
Technology Technology of the Solar Water Pump VFD is Indigenous hence Better after Sales Support
AUTOMATIC DC-AC Change-Over Solar Water Pump working changes over to Grid automatically when Solar Power is not available or changes back to Solar when Solar Power available

Solar Water Pumps are used in the following

  • Farm House / Agriculture

Agricultural technology is rapidly developing with equipment and facilities being improved all the time. There are numerous agricultural applications that use photovoltaic (PV) solutions since it was found to be the best option for remote agricultural need, such as solar water pump systems for livestock, crops, and small-scale irrigation.

As per ABS Renew Power study, most part of india receives approximately more than 12 hours of  day light every day. Installing a solar water pump system any where in india would prove to be very beneficial. Anyone can turn his farmhouse into a solar powered station. A Solar submersible pump of 5HP with Solar Panels – 250W/24V (20 in number) can generate thermal energy that is received by the solar panels that converts this energy into DC power. As the pump is connected to solar panels and can also run on DC, the DC electricity generated by panels powers the pump. ABS Solar water pumps in its most basic form runs on electricity that is provided from the ABS Solar Panels.

  • Farming / Irrigation

Solar Water Pump

solar water pump system architecture
Solar Water Pump System Architecture