Re-Engineering and Development for existing plants

  • Refurbishing services to improve monitoring and maintenance.
  • Optimisation services to achieve desired performance levels.
  • Replacement of existing material, design, engineering and auxiliary services with new ones to increase overall life span of the solar plant.

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Wind Solar Hybrid Power System

ABS Renew Power offers Wind Solar Hybrid Power System by combining the best of Wind and Solar Power systems together to deliver maximum energy output.

ABS Wind Solar Hybrid Power Systems come with advanced MPPT based Hybrid Inverters which will accept input from Wind Turbine, Solar and Grid thereby providing integrated power solution to the client.

A Wind Solar Hybrid Power System can be a combination of ABS 10kW Wind Turbine and Solar PV Plant of a size based on the customers requirement and available shadow free area. The combined Wind Solar Hybrid Power System generates power during day and night as a wind turbine would generate power even when there is no sunlight and the Solar system offers the customer a minimum assured energy daily providing power to the connected appliance and peace of mind to the owner.

Once the GOI comes with a policy allowing Systems with small wind turbines also to be connected to the grid ABS Renew Power can offer Grid Tied Inverter which enable the customer to use this system under net metering installations also.Wind Solar Hybrid Power System is the future alternative to the conventional source of energy.

Wind Solar Hybrid Power System Features :-

  • Proven Technology.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Indigenous design.
  • O & M support including monitoring & performance enhancing.
  • Maximizer with Unique battery reserve operation.

Wind Solar Hybrid Power System

Wind Solar Hybrid System