5 Reasons to Go Solar!

March 18, 2021by absrenewpower

As the world moves out of one pandemic, ABS Renew Power believes that clean renewable energy is surely the pathway for us to build a resilient and more sustainable society.

As per International Energy Agency (IEA), India is on the cusp of a solar-powered revolution.

People often ask “WHY SOLAR”??

There are many reasons people opt for solar panels for home or solar solutions companies providing solar electricity to manufacturing companies, whether these motivations are economic, environmental, or personal, solar power benefits all.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to switch to Solar:

  1. Free source of clean energy :

Among all other benefits, the sun provides us with an infinite source of energy more than we could ever use and it can be harnessed anywhere as there is no monopoly on the sun.

It is clean, green, renewable, and abundantly available. Also, no greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity.

Solar Power helps in mitigating the effects of climate change and reduce air pollution.

  1. Lower Costs :

A switch to solar electricity not only solves the electricity crisis but also helps by saving big bucks in electricity bills. The price of electricity in India is constantly rising. The more we can harness and rely on solar to provide us with the electricity we need, the lesser we need to buy from discoms. Solar PV systems will start saving money from the moment it is turned on. Solar systems of good quality have a minimum life span of more than 20 years and require less maintenance.

  1. Benefits & Incentives :

Everybody wants to contribute to safer and greener earth and to encourage people to switch to solar, the government offers several benefits for residential as well as for commercial solar installation. The Indian government offers various incentives for solar that includes easy loans, electricity generation-based incentives as well as the opportunity to sell excess electricity generated for a credit.

  1. Value of Land :

You don’t require additional land, as the rooftop solar installation requires less space and is great for underutilized land. The marketability value of a particular home or land can increase significantly. Solar Energy can also make use of underutilized land in a safe and healthy way and provide a consistent source of power for everyone.

  1. Secured Investment:

Unpredictable and expensive electricity prices are what have made solar energy feasible and a lucrative investment. Switching to solar will help in calculating how much of your capital will be required for electricity expenses, unlike the traditional grid electricity charges which fluctuate quite often.


One can enjoy electricity cheaper than grid rates, while ABS Renew Power operates the plant for you and at the end of the power purchase agreement, you can enjoy 5-10 years of free electricity. The BOOT Model (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) offers a great opportunity to install and use solar-generated electricity. Zero Investment is required for hassle-free installations of 100kW and above.



Go Solar is not just a slogan for solar providers like ABS RENEW POWER.

Solar Solutions is clean, green and an absolute win win.

Being sustainable is the new trend. #GOSOLARGOABS