5 Solar EPC solutions that break popular myths on solar installation

August 3, 2020by absrenewpower


Solar EPC

While many might know the environmental and financial benefits of solar installation, many myths surrounding the concept are a massive hurdle contributing to the slow growth of solar EPC. With the development in technology and cheaper components, people have adopted solar despite the myths. However, there are still certain myths that continue to hinder the progress of solar EPC. In this article, we will break 5 such popular myths regarding solar installation and PV systems.

Myth #1. Solar installation requires huge amounts of investment which is difficult to recover.

False, solar installation does not require huge capital investments. With prices of components such as solar panels slashing 80% costs since 2010, going solar is now cheaper than ever. Also, investment options such as OPEX models have also eliminated the need for capital investments and system maintenance costs. OPEX allows the user to only pay a fixed amount per unit consumed to the solar EPC provider.

Secondly, it is also not true that solar installation does not offer a ROI. A solar PV system has an average life span of 25 to 30 years which means that it will significantly reduce or nullify your annual utility costs for at least next two decades. Based on your consumption and system, you will receive a ROI within a couple of years. We did write another article which explains with the same with an example.

Myth #2. Solar cannot generate electricity during monsoon or cloudy weather

Another false statement passed around. While solar panels do work best in sunny weather, they do not completely stop generating electricity during the monsoon or foggy weather. Solar panels will generate electricity but at a lower efficiency rate.

Myth #3. It is difficult to maintain solar PV systems

No, it is not at all difficult to maintain solar PV systems. As maintenance plays a key role in optimizing the generation capacity of the system, a solar O&M service provider does offer scheduled system checks. As an individual, weekly cleaning of the solar panels to keep if free from debris and dust is more than enough to maintain. O&M experts remotely monitor the system to detect any damages in panels or components and rectify it as soon as possible. Therefore, it is not true that it is difficult to maintain solar PV systems.

Myth #4. Rooftop solar installation damages the structure of the roof

While there is penetrative rooftop mounting which drills a hole on your roof while mounting, we offer non-penetrative solar installation solutions that are easy to install and remove without damaging or hindering any roof maintenance. Therefore, we would claim that rooftop solar installation protects your roof from leakages and damages.

Myth #5. During a power cut, solar PV systems will continue to work

This statement is partially true as it depends on which PV system the user decides to install. On-grid solar PV systems are connected to the grid which means that the system is dependent on grid power.

This means that during a power cut, solar PV systems will not work as they are powered straight from the utility grid. However, the myth is true for off-grid and hybrid solar PV systems as they are powered or backed with battery backups. Thus, on-grid solar PV systems are recommended for regions that have reliable power supply and the other systems are recommended only for areas with inconsistent power supply.


We hope our solar EPC solutions helped resolve the top 5 myths regarding solar installation. We would highly recommend you share our article with other individuals who believe in these myths. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.