6 Ways to Recover Your Solar Investment Faster

June 17, 2019by absrenewpower


Solar Panel Cleaning

We all want maximum from every investment, and solar power plants do come with a hefty setup cost. However, you’ll recover it in the long run (the average payback period for a Solar Power Plan is only 4 years as compared to minimum 25 years of operation i.e Approx. 21 years of free electricity) and ABS Renew Power is here to tell you how to do that faster.

Here are 6 Ways to Recover Solar Investment

1. Keeping your Solar PV System Free from Debris and Damages

Damage Solar Panel

Solar panels can accumulate debris and damages due to various factors surrounding them like environment, animal, labor maintenance works, etc. Not only does it affect power generation but also the life of the panel. You need to timely check the solar panels for signs of damage or dirt and preemptively rectify it.

2. Wash, Rinse and Make them Shine

Damage Solar Panel

Just like cars parked in open areas, solar panels do get dirty through dust or bird droppings. It is important to clean them regularly with water and preferably a soap solution.

3. No Shades Please

Shade on Solar Panel

With time, the possibility of growing trees or equipment installed nearby could cause obstruction between the solar panels and the path of the sun. The shade generated through these obstructions makes part of the panels useless. Therefore, it is important to regularly trim the trees and ensure no obstructions are constructed around the solar panels.


4. Log Your Performances


Every invertor provides an application that monitors and logs data of power generated, CO2emission savings and total cost saved. If you find any inconsistent results, you can investigate the problem and get your hired Operation and Maintenance Company to rectify it as soon as possible.


5. Switch to Smart Consumption

Smart Consumption

In order to get the most of your solar panels, we need to consume smartly. You can start by switching to LED bulbs as they consume ten times less power than fluorescent or CFL light bulbs. Also, use your high energy consuming machines in the daytime as we receive maximum sunlight during the day.


6. Check Your Wires

Wire Connection

Make sure you install good quality wires in your solar PV systems. The wires need to be durable enough to resist threats leading to exposure. Weak wires will eventually break and lose all the power generated for the day.


Why ABS Renew Power?

We not only provide turn key Solar Power Solutions but with its quality brands of components and expertise. ABS Renew Power is ISO 9001:2015 certified which assures you our product and service quality. Invest in Solar with us to maximize your benefits. We also offer operation and maintenance services for existing solar plants.