How Rooftop Solar can help the Real-Estate Industry Grow?

October 7, 2019by absrenewpower

solar power for real estate industry

About a decade ago, people bought a house based on their convenience and budget. Now, with increasing competition, the industry is constantly innovating by providing additional amenities to attract consumers to buy.

What people don’t realize is that all these amenities come with additional operating costs which add up in the property maintenance bill. In this article, we will analyze how pre-installed solar systems can benefit real-estate developers and residents to enjoy a clean source of energy and help them move towards a sustainable future.


How Does it Benefit a Real-Estate Developer?

As mentioned earlier, some developers have gone all the way to develop a society with all amenities which include a clubhouse, school, swimming pool, gym, and many other features. However, these amenities require space which cannot be feasible to provide in every location.

As consumers are more inclined towards helping socio-environmental issues, pre-installed rooftop solar panels can be a great feature to attract prospects. Developers can seize the opportunity of installing rooftop solar panels in used spaces. For example, solar car sheds are an additional option to increase generation capacity.

With solar setup costs being a major constraint for developers, they can opt for OPEX model investment offered by solar solutions company. This business model allows developers to lease the unused space to the solar system integrator for a free rooftop solar system set up in return for a fixed price per unit watt generated. As consumption costs will be paid by the residents through a PPA with the solar systems integrator and developer, real estate developers invest zero money in the project.


How Does it Benefit a Buyer?

Utility costs are one of the major costs in a maintenance bill for a resident. With all the amenities a developer provides, the operating and maintenance costs keep increasing. Pre-installed solar systems can cut down on utility costs eventually bringing down maintenance costs. The solar electricity generated will power appliances in common space areas like lights, elevators, and water pumps to name a few. These benefits also extend to residents with OPEX model solar systems as the fixed generation cost would be less than the discoms cost per unit.

Societies with a large area can additionally install a ground-mounted solar or solar car sheds to reduce the utility bills to more than 50%. All these economic benefits are long term and can be enjoyed for at least 15-20 years without any initial investment. Apart from economic benefits, we all know that going solar has environmental benefits.

With climate change and environmental issues getting worse every year. Real-estate developers can collaborate with a solar solutions company to establish more projects with pre-installed solar systems and help save the environment.


How can ABS Renew Power help Real-Estate Developers?

As an experienced solar solutions company, we not only design, procure and install solar PV systems but take additional care at every stage to ensure a stable and long-term solution.

First, our technicians conduct a detailed site survey to analyze the total possible installed capacity based on obstructions onsite and shadow analysis. The next stage includes understanding the structural stability of the rooftop area to ensure it can withstand the weight of the Solar PV System. Structural Reports and STAAD analysis are provided, wherever necessary.

This is followed by a detailed study of the irradiation and weather conditions of the location over the past decades to help determine the panel position and composition of mounting structure to be used.

Given that Solar PV Systems have a minimum life of 20+ years, it is important to conduct an overall analysis of all the pain points involved before recommending the optimal solution.

Experienced in residential projects, we wish that real-estate industry leaders turn this concept into a reality to help everyone move towards a sustainable future. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.