What Operations and Maintenance services do solar companies provide? And why are they important?

October 29, 2019by absrenewpower

Operations and Maintenance services provided by Solar Companies

Just like any other investment, maintenance is important to enhance the performance and life of any system. Similarly, even if solar PV systems come with a high life cycle, it is important to regularly service them from an authorized solar solutions company to maintain its generation capacity and monitor its annual performance. In this article, we will discuss the operations and maintenance services solar companies offer and why it is important to opt for annual maintenance contracts from them.

An authorized solar solutions company offers operations & maintenance services that include preventive and corrective measures. These services involve remote monitoring, inspecting, testing, cleaning, maintaining warranties & claims, repairing and replacing parts. Not only do these measures prevent system breakdowns but they also ensure regular inspection of the systems.

To ensure regular inspection, the majority of the top solar providers work on annual maintenance contracts to maintain the generation guarantee provided. ABS Renew Power, being one of the top solar companies in India, provides operations and maintenance services that involve accurate inspection, analysis and quick resolution to the problem. We use SCADA based technology tools and software to remotely monitor and analyze the problem and recommend a solution.

As mentioned earlier, cleaning components not only involve dusty solar panels but also inverters and other components that tend to get dirty being constantly exposed. Components like wires tend to break easily due to animal intervention or other factors. Replacing or refurbishing services covers wires and other components.

We use SCADA Photovoltaic Remote Monitoring Systems to track system performance and monitor real-time data. These monitoring systems help us act immediately and rectify any issue to achieve the desired level of generation. It also helps us stay on par with the top standards of quality testing and data monitoring.

To ensure that all our operations and maintenance services are delivered and completed with safety and precision, we ensure work processes are followed as per our ISO 45001: 2018 (safety) and ISO 9001:2015 (quality) certification. Our team of National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) certified technicians provide training to other solar technicians to operate and ensure safety on-site to avoid the risks of site injuries and hazards. These trainings are extremely useful for rooftop solar installation and maintenance services as technicians risk themselves by completing jobs at great heights.

The benefits of following the maintenance checklist are that it not only slows down the depreciating generation of the solar PV system as it ages but also enhances the life of it. Needless to say, slowing down the depreciation rate continues to save money on utility on a long-term basis.

Constantly striving to achieve the highest possible production and performance levels throughout the product life cycle. With ABS Renew Power’s reliable “performance ratio guarantee and availability” policy, we assure an agreed minimum annual yield for the entire duration of the contract.

We hope our article on operations and maintenance services has helped you understand the quality and the timely service required to ensure the optimum functioning of your Solar PV system. Visit us next time to know more about services on solar.

Here is a general checklist an individual can follow to maintain the system with minimum resources

  • Regularly cleaning the solar panels to avoid dust accumulation.
  • Ensure monthly invertor maintenance is conducted by solar companies in charge.
  • Checking the system performance through the mobile/web-based application provided by the solar solutions company.
  • All wires are intact and not loosely hanging, as some might cause fire accidents or electrocution.
  • Check roof drainage systems around your rooftop solar installation, as water accumulation can lead to corrosion of solar components and structures.