Optimizing solar electricity generation on-site

June 12, 2020by absrenewpower


Solar Case Study


Installing solar PV systems is only the first step taken towards reducing utility bills. It is important to maintain the panels and systems to optimize the solar electricity generation capacity and achieve the desired efficiency. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of scheduled maintenance and the scope of work involved through our case study.

ABS Renew Power recently commissioned a 100 MW operations and maintenance contract for a solar park in Karnataka. The scope of work involved non-technical activities such as cleaning modules, grass cutting, maintaining cable laying, panel tilting and herbicide spraying to prevent any kind of energy loss due soiling effect, shading or heat ventilation around panels. With the project beginning during the pandemic outbreak in April 2020, our team worked with available resources to ensure our customer received the desired generation.

Cleaning of solar modules is a crucial activity to maintain the generation capacity of solar PV systems high. Lack of scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to lose 5-6% of their efficiency as dust and dirt shades the panel. With a 100 MW solar park being exposed in an open environment, the frequency of dust accumulation is also faster. Therefore, we proposed a dedicated water tanker trolleys with diesel powered water pumps mounted on trolleys. These trolleys will be pulled and positioned at a suitable location by an operator. We added two flexible hose pipes (70-100m long) rolled on a wheel arrangement and mounted on the trolley and connected to the water tanker trolley at one end and high-pressure nozzle on the other end.

To prevent shading from increasing herbs around the panel’s layout and to protect Inverter and SCB from short circuits, grass cutting and herbicide work was conducted by ABS team. With minimum shading and short circuit faults in wide layout, PR can be maintained in the range as per the required for efficient performance.

To ensure safety on-site, we mentioned the possible job and precaution measures taken. Following are the list of hazards and precautions.

Details of Hazard Involved:

  • Slip/Trip Hazard.
  • Electric Shock.
  • Hit by Nozzle.
  • Snake bites as per site conditions.

Safety Precaution Required.

  • Work Permit (As an essential service during lockdown)
  • Use required PPE’s. (safety measure taken to reduce risk of COVID)
  • To avoid risk of electric shock, the cleaner should wear insulated gloves and shoes to avoid direct contact with the cleaning solution or modules.
  • Reverse movement of vehicle was restricted.
  • Ensuring the nozzle is tightly gripped before starting the pump.
  • Ensuring cracked modules are not cleaned and disconnected or replaced.
  • Working on site with gum boots.
  • Ensuring sound due to trolley engine and motor to be in prescribed limit.

Continuing the work from April, our team has successfully titled the panels after studying the trajectory of the sun. They also continue to clean the panels everyday working 6 hours in two shifts. The project has been a success with no generation drop. Our team’s dedication and work ethic during these unprecedented times has impressed our customer to opt for a contract renewal.

Why choose ABS Renew Power?

With a commissioning experience of more than 5MW of solar projects across Maharashtra, ABS Renew Power is focused to deliver the right solar EPC, O&M, and I&C solutions. Based on our experience in feasibility analysis, structural design, engineering, and operational maintenance, we have successfully installed multiple projects for various sectors. Our scope of work includes projects of all sizes in sectors like residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional to name a few.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we ensure long-term yields with our unique and performance guaranteed solar PV systems and assure desired solar electricity generation.

We hope this article helped you understand the importance and procedure of maintaining solar PV systems. As mentioned earlier, maintenance is crucial to avoid solar electricity generation drops. Visit us next time to know more about our onsite solar stories.