Planning to Go Solar: 6 Things One Should Know

July 19, 2019by absrenewpower

planning solar installation

6 Things to Know Before Planning  to Go Solar

We all know by now that installing a Solar PV system comes with a hefty setup cost. Just like any other investment, you need to analyze certain factors to understand if setting up a Solar system would actually prove beneficial. Here are a few things you should check before going Solar.


1. How old is your Home?

Let’s start with the easiest check by determining the age of your home. This is to understand if the structure is strong enough to handle the weight of the solar panels. Since the panels have a long operating life (avg. 25 years), the structure also needs to be strong enough to hold the panels in the future. A structural certificate from the building architect is necessary to begin erection work of your solar PV system.

Understanding structure of home

2. Do you receive enough sunlight?

First, ensure the area surrounding the system does not have any obstructions that may shadow the solar panels. If the obstruction is unmovable, the solar system integrator may have to raise the panel bed structure to avoid the obstructions from reducing solar power generation.

Solar panel placed under tree shade

3.Position of your roof

Solar panels are specifically positioned towards the south (for locations in the northern hemisphere) to receive maximum sunlight. Accordingly, you need to have the required space. Also, the higher the roof the better the chances of avoiding obstructions.

Checking Position of roof for solar installation

4. How do you connect to the grid?

Make a note of the distance between your roof and the utility grid meter. Ask your solar system integrator for queries on the connection like

  • Do you have to pay any connection fee?
  • How soon will it be connected?
  • When and how will you be credited for the electricity generated?

connecting to the grid

5. What type of Solar PV system?

The most popular solar PV system is the on-grid system. If you need backup power due to inconsistent power cuts, you can opt for a hybrid system with battery backup. To know more about the different types of Solar PV system, we suggest you check our previous article(Types of Solar PV Systems)for a better understanding.

Types of Solar PV System

6. Choosing the right solar system integrator?

An ideal solar system integrator should have the experience, quality, and services to deliver the best outcome of a Solar PV system.

  • Experience to suggest the best position and usable area.
  • Quality to ensure no breakdowns occur and if they do, to resolve them within 24-48 hours.
  • Service to ensure you always have someone to take care of your long term investment and reliable enough to undertake an operation and maintenance contract.

6) Choosing the rightsolar system integrator

Follow these steps and we are sure you will get the best out of your solar PV system. To check out our projects and other articles, visit our project and blog page.