Solar installation in unusual places

November 11, 2020by absrenewpower


Solar Installation

When we talk about solar installation, we always think about solar farms, rooftop solar installation, and other solar projects. However, have you thought about solar being used in the most unconventional places. The developing technology and need for sustainable measures have been a boon to adopt various solar inventions. In this article, we will talk about some of the solar installation ideas that has impressed us the most. We hope these projects encourages more to develop sustainable solutions.

  1. Solar Trash Cans

I am sure that many might be wondering why trash cans need to be powered by solar? The answer is very thoughtful. Unlike traditional trash cans, these are smart bins which transmit data to the collector on when the bin needs to be emptied. This technology avoids unnecessary garbage collection trips leading to lower costs and carbon footprint.

The smart bins are powered by solar and can power the bin up to 72 hours without sunlight. A great initiative to harness the power of solar energy, it has been widely adopted across multiple cities like New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Amsterdam.


  1. Solar Tent

The USA being one of the leading solar energy users have come up with a new strategy to harness the power of solar even further. The solar tent is an innovation adopted by the US Defence to charge their battery powered gears like computers, communication equipment, GPS, night vision goggles, and other gears.

The rooftop solar installation of flexible panels on the tent disallows the need for soldiers to haul generators and fuel to power their camp. The department of defence aims to produce a quarter of its facilities energy via solar energy by 2025. These tents are undergoing field testing in places such as Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan.


  1. Solar carports

Not unusual anymore, we see a lot of solar carports these days not only in public places like shopping malls, airports, parking lots, etc. but also in residential sectors where parking space have been converted to rooftop solar shades.

The carport benefits all the users involved. The car owner can protect his car from bad or extreme weather by parking it under the panel. The carport owner generates power for his commercial or residential space to lower his utility bills. Economically beneficial for all sectors, solar carports are gaining massive popularity every year.


  1. Golf courses

An abandoned golf course in Japan was converted in to one of the largest solar farms. The Kanoya Osaki Solar Hills Solar Power Plant is a 100 MW farm that has 356,928 solar panels deployed onsite.

The solar installation is not only generating clean energy but has also provided employment opportunities to many that were involved in the installation, maintenance, and operations of the plant. With the sport getting obsolete in Japan, we are happy to see the large space being used to promote clean energy development.


  1. Eiffel Tower

Yes, you heard that right. One of the world’s most renowned architectural icons, France’s “Eiffel Tower” generates its own renewable energy.

The famous tower has taken multiple sustainable measures by installing solar panels, wind turbines, and rainwater collection equipment for environmental benefits. The solar energy that is being generated from the solar panels alone is going to heat half of the hot water that is used in the Eiffel Tower.


We hope the article has widened your perception of solar applications and encourages more to adopt sustainability. Visit us next time for more knowledge sharing articles.