What is Floatovoltaics and Why is it Trending?

August 23, 2019by absrenewpower

Floatovoltaics solar panels

Floatovoltaics is a new and more efficient way of solar installation. These panels are mounted on water bodies to provide clean energy and resolve waste water management issues. To understand its importance, we will be talking about the benefits and its implementation in India.

The Benefits of Floating Solar Plants

Higher Efficiency

The majority of the panels lose their efficiency because of high temperatures. In floatovoltaics, the panels are surrounded by water bodies that act as natural coolants to improve efficiency rates. This helps generate more solar electricity than expected.

Better Quality of Water

Algae grow in water due to photosynthesis from sunlight. It becomes extremely difficult and expensive to filter this into good quality water. The shade from the panels reduces the amount of photosynthesis which restricts the algae from growing.

Reduce Evaporation

Apart from improving the quality of water, floating solar panels also reduce evaporation rates by one-third when installing in lakes and ponds, and by half in man-made water bodies.

Faster Installation with Less Manpower

Both ground and rooftop solar installation require additional metal sheets. However, floatovoltaics require fewer metal sheets which make solar installation faster and simpler. Also, it helps save more resources than ground or rooftop solar.

Where is it Being Implemented?

Floating solar plants are mainly installed in water bodies near industries to help preserve the quality of water. In India, the NTPC(National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.)has installed a floating solar plant in Kerala. To support more initiatives like this, the government of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are encouraging floatovoltaic projects in near dam regions.

With the government’s support for floatovoltaics and high-efficiency rates, floatovoltaics are bound to gain popularity and trend in the market. Visit our blog next time for more knowledge sharing articles like this.