Renewable Power Solutions by ABS Renew Power

About Our Company

We are a sustainable energy solutions company that specialize in manufacturing and aggregating Solar Energy PV (photovoltaic) solutions, with a diverse portfolio of services ranging from Captive Solar power farms, Off-Grid and On-Grid solar energy systems which are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Our mission is to promote clean and green energy through sustainable technology.

About ABS Group

ABS Renew Power is a subsidiary of Advanced Bolting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ABS), which is, a leading multinational company providing Controlled Bolting Solutions through consultative sales of leading international bolting brands, in situ controlled bolting and cold pipe cutting services through multiple locations in India and the Middle East.

Today, with over 350 employees across all our facilities, we stand as the frontrunner in providing the most comprehensive bolting solutions to every major industry such as Automobile, Assembly, OEM, Power, Steel, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Wind, Mining, Shipping, and many more segments.