ABS Renew Power is a strategic partner to the Renewable Energy industry with proven success in working for a wide range of OEMs and Wind Projects across PAN INDIA.

Our years of accumulated experience facilitating cross industry projects in the power generation sector focuses on developing new standards over the entire operations and technical maintenance of both On-Shore and Off-Shore wind projects.

Our services are aimed at generating complete control of each aspect / stage to the owner in terms of, performance, transparency and autonomy in the execution of Wind Projects with experienced manpower who are well trained and skilled in their area of operations. Whether it’s about entire wind turbine, control system, nacelle, or foundation, from large components to the smallest components – with us you will find the right expert for your wind project / operating assets.

As a TSP; It is very crucial to us to analyze each phase of project operations with foresight and from an interdisciplinary perspective. Our curated services are designed to be “proactive”, to bring in the desired effects in the long term.

Scope of Services:

All our service measures are aimed at keeping the fascinating wind projects running for a long time.

We offer services from A to Z – with a passion for all technical services related to renewable energy; so take advantage of our diverse range of integral services for Operation and Maintenance of the wind projects:

  • Maintenance with a focus on the system technology of all manufacturers: Preventive maintenance, as per manufacturer’s manual, our own criteria and that of our customers.
  • Preventive Maintenance, Minor Corrective Services and Major Corrective Services as well as Unscheduled Maintenance.
  • Project Development
  • Construction
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Repairs and Replacements
  • BOP Development
  • BOP Construction and Support
  • Project Operations, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Repowering and continued operations: Support for the customer’s maintenance teams or maintenance campaigns with specialist technicians.
  • Safety Engineering/HSE: Complete adherence to safety norms.
  • Environmental management.
  • Other Value Added Services:
  • Support for the customer’s maintenance teams or maintenance campaigns with specialist technicians:
  • Operations & Maintenance of BOP and Sub-Stations
  • Tower and Foundation: Examination and Rehabilitation with Bolting Services.

Project Workflow

Construction Phase

  • Site Selection : we can support in verifying the Wind Data for a given site
  • Foundation Casting : Can support by Owner’s Engineer for Civil activities
  • Sub Station Construction : Can support by Owner’s Engineer for Civil / Electrical activities
  • WTG Erection : Can support by Owner’s Engineer for Erection activities

Maintenance Phase

We can carry out all Preventive Maintenance, Break Downs, Planned Maintenance activities as per the Manuals and customer requirements.

*Feasibility and Detailed Process workflow shall be implemented after a thorough understanding of the entire scope of the project.

Competitive Advantages

Projects and partnerships that make the difference:

With an experience of 25 years in the business, ABS Group has a major foothold in the power generation industry and has been a key supplier of tools and services to maintain the structural integrity of wind projects across PAN India.

24x7x365 Support:

Our services are aimed at providing complete turnkey support to our customers whenever and wherever they require. With a workforce that is well trained and skilled, we are able to process any request or requirement from our clients of any scale.

On-site Quality Maintenance:

We believe that ambitious goals of renewable energy can only be achieved through consistent deliverance of on-site quality output. This includes the will to operate beyond economic indicators. We maintain stringent operations to join forces with people that are committed to deliver our level of quality. Surveillance and Technical Condition Audit (TCA) Service – Incidence Investigation and End of Warranty (EOW) Service – Special measurements – Pitch & Yaw alignment Services


To maintain our quality deliverance; our people are consistently trained and upgraded to their highest level of potential. Our certified trainers and supervisors pass on their experience and knowledge to future generations in a practical theme that enables an individual to perform efficiently.