Solar EPC solutions (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

As one of the top solar EPC companies in India, we specialize in managing site-specific design, construction, commissioning, and the installation and tracking of data monitoring systems.

We provide solar EPC solutions for both ground and rooftop solar installation. Our scope of work includes

  • Surveying/examining the site to understand its generation capacity and the type of solar PV system for installation.
  • Designing the layout to plan the setup of the solar PV system which includes panels and other components.
  • Procuring components for assembly based on the designed layout and customer’s requirements.
  • Assembling and installing the solar system components and designing an approach pathway for maintenance and repair purposes based on the designed layout.
  • Handing over the system to the customer with proper training on how to use and maintain the system to avoid high maintenance costs or system failure in the future. We also remotely monitor the system to notify our customers on loss of generation capacity.

As one of the most experienced solar EPC companies in India, we cater to projects of all sizes namely commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential.

How can you invest?

As a solar EPC contractor, we believe in encouraging our clients to invest in a sustainable lifestyle. Whatever you choose, we are always there to assist you with your solar.


If you are looking to own the solar PV system and reduce your utility costs to zero*, we offer CAPEX solar solutions. This is the simplest form of solar investment model, especially for small solar projects where our client purchases a solar PV system from us by hiring our EPC services. Post commissioning, operation and Maintenance is provided free of cost for the first year. The customer can then choose to renew a new Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with us or opt for another suitable vendor.

The most important part of this model is that depending on the project size and other factors the client will enjoy a 50%-100% of reduction in utility bills for the next 20 years minimum. With the savings made, a client will recover his/her initial investment within 5-7 years which includes the operations and maintenance costs.


Looking for minimum investment and reduced utility costs, then OPEX solar solutions is the right choice of investing in a solar PV system. Most commonly invested for large scale solar projects, OPEX solar solutions allows our clients to only pay for the units they use and enjoy our free EPC and O&M services.

A power purchase agreement (PPA) is accepted by all parties before implementing the model. A PPA is a contractual agreement between a client, the solar investor (could be a third party or the EPC company itself) and solar company which details the responsibilities, tenure, pricing, and after contract agreement.

As the OPEX model is a long-term investment business model, to avoid the possibility of a customer defaulting during the contract period bank guarantees may be required. Thus, the PPA came into existence as a regulatory framework to briefly describe the responsibilities and consequences of an OPEX service.

How do we stand out from other solar EPC contractors?

With the solar industry growing every year, we aim to stand out from our competitors by offering our clients the best ROI in the form of a more customizable, efficient, quality, and economic solar solution. We achieve this by adopting new technologies, adhering to a strict supplier selection criteria, and following processes in place for smooth flow of work from planning to commissioning.

Following are some of the additional benefits we offer.

Panels We offer panels that deliver a generation capacity of 350wp-410wp. Flexible to our customer’s requirement, we offer all types of panel available in the industry namely monocrystalline, polycrystalline, BIPV, and flexible panels. They also come with an anti-dust glass coating which reduces the effort of cleaning the panels. This coating also reduces the water footprint used to clean the panels as the coating helps clean dust from vacuum.

Inverter We offer string, central, and enphase micro inverters based on client’s requirement. While our string inverters range from 3kW to 100kW, central inverters are available from 60kW to 100 kW. Also, we offer micro-grid setups for economic benefits. Additionally, we offer SCADA based automatic diesel-generator + solar + grid synchronized systems that deliver reliable power consistently. Our hybrid inverters and DC controllers can power multiple power sources like battery, solar, and wind together. Following are the scope of combinations our inverters and DC controllers can power;

  1. Wind + Solar
  2. Battery + Wind + Solar
  3. Battery + Grid + Solar

Battery While we offer lithium ion phosphate batteries with battery management system (BMS), we also offer lead acid or lead gel type batteries and compact VRLA gel batteries.

Mounting structure Based on our site survey, we not only provide penetrative mounting structures, but also non-penetrative structures with walkway access. The non-penetrative mounting structures include seam type, clamp type, and adhesive to name a few. We also design walkways that ease operations and maintenance jobs. Our scope of designing walkways include FRP grid, cable tray + walkways, MS or SDG walkways (self-tapping or welding type) and industrial shed railings.